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We specialize in teaching dogs (and their owners!) how to have fun flying though dog agility obstacle courses. We have also had many of our clients go on to compete with their furry, canine friends! Feel free to take a look at everything we have to offer on our website or click the button below to send us a message!

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iFly Agility Welcomes All New and Returning Customers to our Dog Training Center in Townsend, DE

iFly Agility and Dog Training is a training facility that helps you get the best from your dog. Our mission is to provide quality dog training through fun, effective, positive reinforcement training methods. Whether you are just looking for a better-behaved member of the family, a fun activity for you and your dog to participate in, or to get into the world of dog sports, iFly is the place for you. Build a better dog, make life-long friends, and enjoy every minute you have with your dog, because life is short!

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dog jumping in agility course Townsend, DE

Dog Training & Agility Services

Dog Agility Training

Dog agility is a fast-paced, timed obstacle course that a dog and its handler complete. There are usually about 15 or so obstacles in the courses, including tunnels, jumps, weaving poles, and ramps that the dog must complete in a predetermined pattern. If you want to spend more quality time with your dog or are interested in competing. Get in touch!

Agility Training

Dog Obedience Training

Our dog training methods are intended for the owner of a dog who wants an obedient dog at home and in public. In daily distractions, on or off leash, you can monitor your dog in a very short amount of time by engaging in our programs. Our training approach is so successful that you can find a change in the actions of your dog during the first session of training.

Obedience Training
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